Great place

Avia Building is located in Krakow Technology Park, which is part of Polish Economic Zone – statutory support instrument for companies planning new investments. As part of its activities, small, medium and large enterprises entering the investment market have a chance to obtain public aid. Thanks to such suport, the possibility of constant consultation with great specialists and the disposal of technically advanced space, newly established companies gather momentum faster and from the very beginning build their strong position on the market, generating impressive profits and creating hundreds of work places.

The building was designed in accordance with the class A office standard.

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Usable area

AVIA is one of the few office buildings in Krakow which offer typical floor area size exceeding 2000 sqm. Despite such large area, the depth of the floorplate is very shallow – the distance between two opposite walls is just slightly above 13 meters. Thanks to natural light coming through numerous, densely arranged windows, each point of the floor is perfectly illuminated.


In the middle of the building there is a beautiful, planted patio, available to all employees of the office building. It’s the perfect place to take a short break from work or for a creative team brainstorming in the open air.