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GD&K Group:
It is one of the leading Polish developers and development services providers. Since its establishment in 1996, the most vital element of the GD&K Group strategy is a carefully chosen location of premises. Only central locations and premises of the highest standards are of interest for the Group. For over 10 years of the company's business activity it has developed either for itself or for other investors a lot of high end commercial buildings (Offcie buildings, hotels, banks) as well as several luxurious apartment buildings.
CA Immo :
CA Immo was founded in 1987 and consistently developed into one of the leading property investment companies in Central Europe. Company invests in commercial property (focusing on offices) in Austria, Germany and Eastern Europe. As of 30 September 2011, the company's total property assets amounted to some 5.2 bn.Euro. CA Immo is listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange, with free float of around 83 % at the present time.

GD&K Consulting Sp z o.o.:
GD&K Consulting is the heart of the structure of GD&K Group, providing complex services for all investments in the Group but also renders services to customers who are not connected to the group. GD&K Consulting offers multiple levels of services, including: architectural design, administrative management, obtaining valid construction permits. The structure of GD&K Consulting is well thought-out and ensures legal assistance, architectural and construction designs.
Ovotz Design Lab.:
Ovotz design Lab. is a dynamic team of architects, industrial form designers and interiors designers. Ovotz design Lab. become in 2007 a partner of international design company - Schwitzke & Partner GmbH with its headquarters in Dusseldorf and branch offices in Dubaj and Moscow. Ovotz design Lab. provides both for the corporate clients as well as for the developers the full scope of design services for: hotels, office buildings, residential settlements, shop interiors, banks, restaurants. Additionally it also provides the design services for individual clients - single family houses, residential interiors and similar.
AVIA A class Office building, al. Jana Pawła II 41, 31-864 Kraków For leasing call: +48 78 400 55 44, e-mail: [email protected]
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